Kamis, 07 Mei 2015

Pengertian Jilbab dan Kerudung

Pengertian Jilbab dan Kerudung
The headscarf is often referred to as a veil. However, the veil is now more popular word in the ears of the community. Hijab origin of language saudi arabia namely Jalaba, bringing meaningful, collect. That means collecting something apart. In today's terms, the headscarf is one of the garment worn by Muslim women, which serves to cover the head and chest. This kind of fashion that exists when an order came through the Prophet Muhammad. addressed by all Muslim women. That time is known as khumur or hijab (barrier)

Countries that mostly embraced Islam also has its own designation. For instance name chador, worn on the State of Iran, Pardeh (Pakistan and India region), the Libyan people named by milayat, Iraq Women call Abaya, charshaf (Republic of Turkey), if AWEK-Malay AWEK know the term hood. As for the Arabs themselves call hijab. And the veil / hijab is used by the people of Indonesia.

A special State of Indonesia, the term "veil" is defined as women's clothing worn by closing all the heads except the face and then bundled together clothes for all body covered except for the hands and feet. Medium according to Big Indonesian Dictionary, is defined by the width veil worn by a Muslim woman to cover the head and neck to the chest (not to be seen the curve-curve).

How to wear hijab in general actually occur among scholars themselves deviation or difference of opinion. This is normal because every cleric has his own views in interpreting the arguments. For example Ibn Ma'ud, the use of hijab is to cover all the head including face except one eye only. According to Qatada, who closed is all head and face except for the two eyes as we often see women veiled today. Differences with Al-Hasan, not all face is covered, but only half of it.

As with the scholars' contemporary well-known, he is Dr. Joseph Qardlawi. Fatwa, face or faces and hands of a woman does not need to be closed, because it is not the genitalia. So, no matter if seen by men who are not married individuals. This opinion is also the same as the opinion of other scholars like most scholars of Al-Azhar. Perhaps kinds of hijab in circulation now follow this opinion. Such is Islam, dissent is something that must be understood and respected. No need for verbal abuse among fellow Muslims simply because of differences in doctrine. Moreover, the opinion of the assortment that has taken an ijtihad and conducted by scholars who are experts in their fields.